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Thanks to Dusty Backlund of DEMORAMA for the honest and frank review of CT and the material. To see this just click on the yellow link above [ Select Review Archives from the FIST Navbar, under 2001 click APRIL button, scroll down to second review ] or check out some excerpts from the review below:

"On first listen, this Irish band has an initially interesting combination of drum machine, acoustic instruments and adult-contemporary vocals. John Brennan (vocals) has the potential to be a next John Martyn or Mick Hucknall or whatever 'white soul group' out there -- "One Day" sounds (on the surface) like a Roxy Music song."

"Aidan O'Driscoll's guitar work is more textural than musical and sounds very good, and the bass is competent and stands out where it should."

"As for ways that I think the band could improve, I would like more complex and varied programming, more vocal range and originality (less Bryan Ferry emulation) and some more compelling melodies. But after repeated plays, I think that Colourtide will be an important band with the proper amount of seasoning, experience and age. Now, if they could just hire Brian Eno..."


Thanks to Lynda Devenney and Andrew Lynch for giving us a small review at ENTERTAINMENT IRELAND's website. To see this just click on the yellow link above [ Select Music, CD Reviews and Use COLOURTIDE as the keyword in the Search field ] or check out some snippets from the review below:

"Cork duo Colourtide are flying the flag for unsigned bands everywhere, using the resources of the internet and alternative media to promote their self-produced debut album."

"Underwater has clearly been a real labour of love for John Brennan and Aidan O'Driscoll, which is both its greatest strength and biggest weakness. This is smooth adult pop, built around gentle keyboards and intimate vocals, and all very tastefully arranged and produced."

" A very worthy effort, which deserves to be heard, but next time it would be nice to hear Colourtide push the boat out a little." 3/5


MUSICDISH E-Journal is a well respected online Music-Journal in the USA. This site is 'choc' full with articles, advice, reviews, details of artists and bands big and small. A copy of UNDERWATER was dispatched to Sounni De Fountenay (Editor-in-Chief) on request. After a period of time, due to the demand on this site for reviews, the album was given an airing and then reviewed by Ben Ohmart (Assistant Editor). Some snippets of the review are below, but to see the total review click on the yellow link above:

"Colourtide is an odd pop band. Like Pet Shop Boys and the like, they blend keyboard into catchy vocals and strange ballads you won't find washing up on the usual shore."

"'Shelter Her From Pain' is a good dark source of vitamins, with some splashing and very believable synth drums. John Brennan's voice sounds best here, raising his tongue almost to a subdued scream, where the title of the song comes back over and over, infiltrating your mind like the best of Simply Red."

"Were this jazz, I'd call this band a secluded, intimate band concentrating more on the interaction between listener and member. John's voice lends itself to quieter scrutiny for such a private setting."

"it's [UNDERWATER] good alt-pop candy from a direction not readily thought of as Ireland."


LEXICON MAGAZINE is an online Music-zine from the USA. The magazine is also associated with NINTH WAVE RECORDS, both are overseen by DAVE RICHARDS. Dave recieved a copy of UNDERWATER on request, he has sent back comments via email, find these below:

"I love the CD, it is amazingly good. It has elements of synthpop, but also rock. Pretty much a perfect blend."

"I would love ot see this get better exposure here in the US. Meanwhile, congrats, it's a great CD!"

"The great thing about you guys is that you have that rock element that will open doors here in the US where we are so afraid of bands without Guitars."

"You sequenced the album well. The lead song is a great song, lots of drive and energy. But the album is more than one song deep."


ANDREA BERTAMINO of the AORWEBSITE has reviewed UNDERWATER. It is similar in some ways to the review from UNBARRED, interesting as AOR is Italian and UNBARRED is from the UK. To see the complete review click HERE, then go to the New Reviews page and scroll to the bottom - read on. See some excerpts below:

"Colourtide [who] play a cool and refreshing pop rock with dance accents, graced by very professional production and arrangements."

"Itís all calm and lovely, "Underwater" - [COLOURTIDE] are the perfect musicians for this genre of music, performing refined and charming melodies through ten songs that catch your heart and soul"

"This cd is for a more adult audience, for a long car drive surrounded by catchy and poppy songs, for an intense night of kisses and love, or for a relaxing company reading a book." 80/100


UNDERWATER has been reviewed by UNBARRED Magazine on the net. Stephen Chapman the Site Editor has posted this interesting critique. To see the complete review click HERE, then go to either the New Releases page and look under Newly Posted or go to the Reviews page and check under 'C'. See some excerpts below:

"Underwater is unashamedly AOR, complete with female backing vocals. It's all about love, the vocals are soft, the guitar solos are regular and the synths are gentle."

"They're rock, but they're soft rock; funky, but not funk; and emotional. It's praise, in an adult-orientated kind of way." 7/10


The new COLOURTIDE album UNDERWATER has been reviewed on the IRISHBANDSLIVE website in the UK. Thanks to JACK HAMLETT for this review, much appreciated. To see the complete review please click HERE. Some excerpts can be found below:

"This is a band and an album that has been a long time coming from the Irish music industry, as new bands and great albums come along once in a blue moon."

"The fact is that one removes the packaging, whacks the disc into the hi-fi, and judges the sounds on what one hears from the speakers, and if this is anything to go by give me lots more."

"Underwater is an album with fantastic rhythm and beat, the blend these guys have produced between guitars, keys sequencing and drum machines is absolutely outstanding to say the least."