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  LIVE in
COLOURTIDE played a gig in Cork City on the 6th December 2001. The Venue was the OYSTER BAR, Market Lane, off Patrick Street. In parallel with this event John and Aidan appeared live on 96FMs GREENROOM, Sat. 1st December, 2001. See Radio / Web tuning details to listen to 96FM anytime below.  
  LIVE in DUBLIN  COLOURTIDE played a gig up in Dublin, 14 June 2001. We featured at the TEMPLE BAR MUSIC CENTER with a number of other bands. Great night had by all. What made it even better was the presence of GERRY FEHILY originally of the HOT HOUSE FLOWERS, on drums.  
  96 FM COLOURTIDE featured on the ARTS SHOW hosted by ELMARIE MAWE on 96FM. This went out on Sunday 15th April 2001. This show normally ran from 8:00am through to 10:00am on Sunday mornings. This was a small interview including tracks played and view points aired - BIG THANKS TO ELMARIE!
CT interview on 96FM Arts Show - Part 1
CT interview on 96FM Arts Show - Part 2
    ELMARIE'S Arts Show featured interviews, material and points of view about all things from the Cork Arts Scene.  
    To tune in online to 96FM CLICK HERE and then go to the Listen Page. Stream away.

Offline and in EIRE South and South East, tune the dial to 96.4 FM or there abouts.
Also 103FM for County Sound.
  WLR FM COLOURTIDE featured on the Roddy Cleere show on WLR FM. Aidan & John both appeared on this show on Friday Night, 2 March 2001. To listen, just point and click any of the six Realaudio buttons. The interview is divided into six 6 minute (approx) parts. Each part is about 600kb in size.
CT interview on WLR FM - Part 1a
CT interview on WLR FM - Part 1b
CT interview on WLR FM - Part 2a
CT interview on WLR FM - Part 2b
CT interview on WLR FM - Part 3a
CT interview on WLR FM - Part 3b
    RODDY CLEERE's show which featured up and coming Irish artists, in fact Irish artists in general, was on every friday night on WLR FM from 10:00pm - 1:00pm.  

To tune in your radio to WLR FM on the FM band on the East and the South East Coast of Ireland, adjust your dial to 95.1 / 97.5.


To tune into WLR FM over the net , just CLICK HERE.