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The CT site is a resource site for COLOURTIDE, the Band, it has alot onboard, lots of things to see and do. Go to the MUSIC Page and listen to COLOURTIDE MP3 Samples. Here you will also find some free full tracks as well. On the EVENTS Page you will find Radio Interviews with CT as well as some live performances. To hear what others thought of CT, well, check out the REVIEWS Page. Pictures of CT are on the VISUALS Page, while a Biog is available at THE BAND Page. If you get through all this and wish to own a piece of COLOURTIDE, then go to the BUY THINGS Page, here you will find ways of purchasing the COLOURTIDE Album 'UNDERWATER'.

We hope you enjoy your time at our site, we always appreciate feedback, you can do so via the CONTACTS Page. CT wishes to thank you for your continued support. So, have fun, REMAIN IN THE LIGHT.


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